Width of Images in Gravity PDF

I want to display “post images” uploaded into my gravity form at the full width of the page of my PDF view.

I’ve tried various CSS classes trying to get this to work but I’m hitting a wall and cant seem to make any size changes to images within the PDF. The only thing I can find is an additional plugin asking for $99 a year for this feature.

Hi Jason,

Gravity PDF matches the standard Gravity Forms output on the Entry Details for the Post Image field. You’ll see it is displayed quite small there as well.

The simplest solution would be hiding the original Post Image field from the PDF, and then adding Custom PDF Content with the post image manually included e.g. <img src="{Post Image:20}" />.

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Jake thx very much for the info, is the

Post Image:20

is 20 the field label ?

Where do I source this parameter from within my form ?

EDIT : Just noticed the ID parameter in the top right hand corner of the admin menu . . . Cheers will try now

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Happy to help, Jason.

For anyone else who might have a similar issue, {Post Image:20} is a merge tag and 20 would be your Post Image field ID. You can easily find the ID by selecting the field in the Form Editor and looking in the sidebar (top right).

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