What should be put in the request url in the webhooks addons for gravity forms

Hello I’m new to webhook and I now have to use it for my needs, but I wanted some indications about the “request URL” In the Webhooks addons.

I want to register users to other sites with their details after they submit the form, What should be included in the “request URL”, can I just add the page where the data will be sent for the user to register, for example, “mywebsite.com/register”.

Also during my research, I notice a snippet: gform_after_submission - post_to_third_party and I saw an endpoint URL “https://thirdparty.com” where I could add the URL where I want the data to be sent.

Please, I need more indication because I’m a little bit confused, point out to me some helpful resources that could help in my current situation, any help would be welcome.

Hi Pedro. Let’s start with what you are trying to accomplish. Why are you using the Webhooks Add-On? What service are you trying to integrate with?

@chrishajer I have a form on my website which ask the user for gender, birth date, name, and email, after the user submits the form I want to use this data to register the user to multiple third they will have to choose in the next page.

While I was doing some research on how to do that I came upon webhooks and gform_after_submission - post_to_thir_party.

These third parties require no password, follow up will be via email, this third party require user for their gender, birth date, name, email, and sometimes zip code, to register for their services.

Instead of users going on each of these sites to register one by one, I want to make it easy for them, they fill in the form and submit it, then they are redirected to the next page where they choose the services of their choice (up to nine). Then they click submit, and they are registered to all of these services at once. Finally, it’s up to the user to go on their email and just confirm from these third parties.

Below is an image that illustrates what I want to do:

@chrishajer I Have answered your reply, haven’t heard from you yet.

Thank you for the explanation. You can do that with the Webhooks Add-On, so long as those third-party sites have an API endpoint you can POST to, or a form you can SUBMIT to. Do you have documentation for those third-party sites that explain how to integrate with external forms, or webhooks?

Also, for sending to multiple sites, you can set up multiple Webhooks feeds, and multiple can be processed for each submission. If you don’t use conditional logic on the feed, it will be processed for each submission. If you need to restrict when data is sent to a specific third-party, you can use the conditional logic setting on the feed to restrict when the webhook is sent, based on the checkbox selections in the form.

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