Weird CSS on old GravityForm version

Hello everyone,

On the Forms and Entries tabs of the back office of our WordPress website, some elements are acting strangely. Here are some pictures :

After desactivating all of our plugins, this is still there.

Here is some informations about the website and the gravityform installation :
WordPress Version : 4.9.22
GravityForms Version : 2.6.7
Other GForms Plugins & Versions : Gravity Forms Event Tracking (v2.3.10) / Gravity Forms Multilingual (v1.5.0)

Do you know what is going on ? Do we need another version of GravityForms working with a WordPress 4.X version ?

Thanks a lot for reading, and have a nice day

Hello. We don’t support WordPress versions beyond one major version prior. I don’t know what is happening, but there are definitely incompatibilities between the latest Gravity Forms and that old WordPress version.

Because we don’t support this, you will need to debug yourself if you want to continue using this old WordPress version. If everything works OK, you can use the browser developer console to inspect the CSS and see what makes things look like that, one element at a time. I’ll leave this topic open in case anyone has run into a similar issue and has some feedback. Thank you.

Hello Chris !

Thanks a lot for you answer

One other way to solve our problem would be to get a proper GravityForms version, compatible with our WordPress version

Is it possible to obtain a WordPress 4.X GravityForms version ?

Hello. We don’t send out old versions of Gravity Forms. Is there a reason you cannot update WordPress?

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