Website Overhaul - How to manage Gravity Forms

I am in the process of doing a complete overhaul on a website for a non-profit I am working with. To keep the impact to the live site minimal I’m doing the work on a subdomain. I would like to get the updated forms in place on the subdomain prior to cutting over as well. I am not sure how to handle this from a licensing perspective.

Can I install Gravity forms on the sub-domain using the licencing key in place currently for the primary domain while this work is in progress without violating our licensing agreement?

Yes, you can use your licensed on both sites (staging/development and live.) There is no issue with that.

Do you have a plan for migrating the forms and entries from the development site to the new site, without affecting the existing entries and forms? This can be a tricky thing to accomplish if you need to ensure the entries that were captured on the live site are maintained even after you bring the development forms into the live site.

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Thank you Chris! I have not started digging into all of their forms yet. I’m sure there is some data we’ll have to pull over.