Webform to PDF with Barcode

My form shall be transformed to a PDF file. The PDF shall include a logo and the terms of the services as well as the responses (name, address, e-Mail) and some radio button choices etc.).

The PDF shall be sent to

  • me
  • the client

In addition, the PDF shall include a Barcode (QR or other) that includes some of the responses (name, addresses, e-Mail) so that this information can be scanned from a hand scanner.

Has anybody an idea how I can realize this?

You can use Gravity PDF to generate the PDF. Also, for the barcode generator you can optionally purchase this add-on QR code or this QR code add-on

Gravity PDF can also generate QR Codes natively if you build a custom template and use the following code mpdf-examples/example37_barcodes.php at development · mpdf/mpdf-examples · GitHub


Thank you very much. I have installed Gravity PDF and the QR code plug-in. My notification mail now includes two files:

The QR code

How do I manage to put the QR code on that PDF?

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I haven’t personally worked with the QR code plugin before, but the documentation mentions adding the QRCode field directly to your Form Editor and it will automatically be included in any of the core PDFs.

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