Webform to PDF with Barcode

My form shall be transformed to a PDF file. The PDF shall include a logo and the terms of the services as well as the responses (name, address, e-Mail) and some radio button choices etc.).

The PDF shall be sent to

  • me
  • the client

In addition, the PDF shall include a Barcode (QR or other) that includes some of the responses (name, addresses, e-Mail) so that this information can be scanned from a hand scanner.

Has anybody an idea how I can realize this?

You can use Gravity PDF to generate the PDF. Also, for the barcode generator you can optionally purchase this add-on QR code or this QR code add-on

Gravity PDF can also generate QR Codes natively if you build a custom template and use the following code mpdf-examples/example37_barcodes.php at development · mpdf/mpdf-examples · GitHub

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