Want to get more functionality out of the Quiz add on

I want to create a quiz that has a couple of elements:

7 sections with 10 questions per section with the score batched per section so if someone gets 9/10, 10/10, 8/10, 6/10, 2/10, 2/10,1/10 they don’t end up getting a middle score as such - they understand the principles of the first three or four sections but are struggling with the last ones…
I want to play an audio file and have them answer radio questions based on the audio file
I want them to record a video explaining a concept picked from a random list of questions, there may be 3 of these questions with 5-7 questions each one can pick from if that makes sense?
The results come in with the overall score, batched scores from the sections, score from audio and links to the video files.
Ideally I want the administrator to be able to go in then and add more to each form sheet to give a score for the video and then we can export the full list of totals for that module…

Does that make sense?

Is there anyone on here who could do something like that?

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