Viewing a Previously Uploaded File

I am looking for a Wordpress plug-in that allows a user to upload a file (video, photo or text) and provides them with a unique upload code (eg, ABCD1234).

I believe I can use Gravity Forms for the media upload and the Unique ID add on to generate a code.

However, I also need something that allows the user to visit a different part of the website, enter their unique upload code and view the file or text they previously uploaded. This should not be linked to a username and password, ONLY their unique upload code.

Is this possible with Gravity Forms?

What you described is not something Gravity Forms can do out of the box. Maybe GravityView can help:

I would recommend to contact the author for advice.

If that doesn’t help, I would recommend you to hire someone to work with you.

Hi Adam,

A great question!

Do you want/prefer to code your own solution?
You would likely want to be looking to

  • Create first form with unique ID and file upload fields.
  • Create a second form that has 2 text fields - 1st for unique code and 2nd for file name.
  • On the 2nd form use gform_field_validation and gform_entry_post_save along with the GFAPI to find the associated entry by unique ID and update the file name field.
  • Display the filename field via merge tag on the confirmation message of the 2nd form.

If you would prefer a no code solution that can be created in minutes, Gravity Flow’s Form Connector with its’ Update Fields step type will let you take a similar approach, but use conditional lookups between the two forms without any code.

I put together a quick video that shows how the 2 forms and workflow steps would be setup to achieve it.

If the side-benefit of that approach of knowing who/when users looked up their files is not something you need to maintain, the Form Connector’s Delete an Entry step can easily let you delete the lookup after a set period of time.

Hope that helps!

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