Update entry with new upload files


I’m looking for an idea to solve a problem I have concerning the import of a file from an entry into a new entry.

I explain:
Customers fill in a problem report in an A form.
If the request is legitimate, I get the value of the entry A with url parameters
( https://webe.site/?description=test&id_demande_externe=841&lieu_gps={"type":"Feature","properties":{},"geometry":{%22type%22:%22Point%22,%22coordinates%22:[4.839917,45. 7693]}}&problem_1=PROTECTION%20CIVILE&problem_2=Other&problem_3=&location_1=&location_2=&location_3=&origin=D%C3%A9declaration%20on%20line ) to dynamically fill in some fields of a form B. In my example, the id of entry 1, GPS information, description …

My problem is that in form A I have files (photo, pdf, …) that I want to pass to form B. I have no idea how I can get the images from form A to B because on the multiple upload queues you can’t add parameters.

So I imagined to update entry with the hook gform_post_submission of form B but i don’t see how GFAPI::update_entry_field() work with files fileds.

I am interested in ideas.

Thank you and have a nice day,