Vertically align radio buttons in Gravity Forms

I want to vertically align radio buttons to top in Gravity Forms, but for some reason the code is not being accepted. Radio buttons are aligned vertically middle by default and I’m not able to change it. Can anyone help?

Hi Malav. Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form?

Sure, here is the link -

Hi Malav. I took a look at the form in Firefox on Windows 10 and they appear to be aligned to me:

Are you seeing something different, or did I overlook something?


There are 6 more forms on that page, where the text is long and hence being cropped automatically into more than one line, and the buttons are vertically centered.

In such a case, I want to align the radio buttons vertically top.

Please find this screenshot -

Hi Malav. In Firefox on Windows 10, this is what I see:

What browser/OS are you viewing on where I can see this happening?


I’m using Safari 14.0.1 on 1440 x 900 screen.

Same thing also happens on iPad and iPhone.


I just realized that you may have visited the site using http. Please try this -

I’ve increased the text length in the same form so you can rectify the issue better.

Hey Chris,

Any update on this?