Form scrolls to top after clicking radio buttons

When I select a radio button in a form (there are plenty of other forms that are working fine), the form scrolls to the top. This is not behavior I want.

I also see the ‘eye’ of the selected radio button isn’t centered. I am not too fused about the eye but it suggests there is something off with the form in addition to the scrolling.

I am using Chrome - same scrolling thing doesn’t happen in Safari but the eye is just as wonky…

Ant thoughts?


Do you have some CSS styling to make your radio buttons / checkboxes “fancy”? We do a bit of CSS magic to give checkboxes an accessible SVG tick symbol, and we had the same behaviour when upgrading to GF 2.5. Our fix was:

.gform_wrapper.gravity-theme .gfield-choice-input {
    top: auto;
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