V2 Rest form Authentication

I’m trying to build NUXT + Gravity form app.
I tried to use REST API v2 Authentication - Gravity Forms Documentation with cs_ and ck_ keys generated in Gravity form REST API → Authentication ( API version 2 )

But connection is failing to authorize.
I tried the exact setup as in docs using Postman, also Axios setup with customer key and secret. Both failed.

But when I use User name instead of ck_…
and User pass instead of cs_… it can get the data from the endpoint with no proble, even if I don’t set any keys in the settings. In both cases - Axios and Postman
( I can’t add image to proof since I’m new user :smiley: )

So my question is: How I can use the key and secret instead of user name and password since the example form doc does not work?
I don’t want to use user as auth method.

Because I want to limit actions only to be able to send / get form.

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