Using Taxonomies to populate form elements

Hi everyone,

I’m using Gravity Forms, Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types, Custom Post Type UI, and Advanced Custom Fields. I’ve created two custom post types: singers & ensembles with associated taxonomies attached to each.

I’m trying to use a Gravity Form that creates draft posts and populates them using custom fields I’ve created in ACF. I’ve got custom frontend views that display the information the way I want on the front end and use DynamicConditions to hide empty fields.

Unfortunately, Checkbox data doesn’t map cleanly between Gravity Forms and ACF. Since I’m not a coder, I’m trying to solve this problem with taxonomies. In trying to get this to work, I added a Checkboxes field instead of a Post Custom Field. That gives me the “Populate with a Taxonomy” option. The problem that I’m having is that for whatever reason when I use Advanced → Populate with a Taxonomy (ensembles for example) Gravity Forms is not populating the choices that I’ve added to the field using ACF.

Any feedback or advice on how to get this to work?