Using reCaptcha Plug in STILL won't block Spam

I’m not an expert. But each day I have to manually delete spam comments on my Wordpress site that came via my Gravity Forms. I have active reCaptcha V2 plug in also. Yet I still get russian (bot) comments - up to 10 a day. Is this normal? Do I just keep manually deleting the comments? Or am I doing something wrong?

Add the free plugin Gravity Forms Zero Spam from the awesome team at GravityView. It deals with automated spam, essentially 100% effective.

Perfectly normal. Fighting spammers is not an easy task and there’s not any single anti-spam method able to catch 100% of spam. Your best bet is to combine several different anti-spam techniques at once. The one Ross suggested can be a good companion for reCAPTCHA, there are also other suggestions in the following documentation: Fighting Spam - Gravity Forms Documentation

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