How can I reduce Russian spam? [RESOLVED]

I use gravity forms extensively, but starting to wonder if this is smart. As soon as I add a new web form, the spam starts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new website, within days it attracts spam, mostly Russian. I add recapture / honeypot as standard. I also add a test question (ex what is 5 plus two) with conditional logic to hide the submit button. None of this seems to slow it down. I can update the question, makes no difference.

I also use another well-known plugin on some sites, and all I can tell you is that it appears to attract way less spam. I love gravity forms, but it seems like this is an issue, at least for me, that only gets worse.

Any suggestions?

Have you tried our reCAPTCHA V3 Add-On or the Zero Spam plugin from GravityKit?

Gravity Forms reCAPTCHA:

GravityKit Zero Spam:

Chris - no I haven’t, thank you! I didn’t realize v3 was an option, but will try it. Any particular reason why it’s a separate plugin? Will it be integrated into the main software soon?

There are no plans to integrate v3 into the core plugin. Over the years, the Gravity Forms zip has grown a lot in size; it’s at a point where some customers can’t install it with the upload limits imposed by their hosting environments. To help reduce the size of the plugin, we are implementing some features as separate add-ons. This work is currently focused on new and existing features that integrate with external services, like Akismet and reCAPTCHA, which not all customers use.

Richard, well happy to report that early results seem to indicate v3 is helping a lot!

Hate to gripe, but having to install yet another plugin for one feature - is a (minor) irritation, but worth mentioning (I think). Especially for those of us that maintain multiple websites. I personally wouldn’t consider the core plugin excessively large and this add on is all of 79kb - it just seems crazy. But other than that, very happy v3 is an option, so thank you :slight_smile: