How to stop spammy emails?

I am getting spam emails, how to avoid?

Go into your form settings and enable anti-spam honey pot.

Create a recaptcha key and add the key to the Gravity Forms recaptcha tab located also in your forms settings. Don’t forget after you add your key, you need to add the recaptcha field to each form you’re receiving spam submissions from.

Additionally, you can add your site to Cloudflare and add some page rules to trigger a JavaScript challenge on the pages your forms are embedded onto.

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I find that nearly all spam is caught by Gravity Forms Zero Spam, from the fine people at GravityView

Install, activate, and pretty much all automated spam is tagged as spam and no notifications are sent.


I added the keys for Google reCAPTCHA V3 and added keys, this is the error I am getting.

I did honeypot option and which rule to setup in Cloudlfare? Any resource?

That error is from reCAPTCHA v2. It indicates the keys entered in the v2 settings aren’t correct.

reCAPTCHA v3, which is only available with the reCAPTCHA add-on from the Forms > Add-Ons page, doesn’t use the Captcha field so you can remove that field from your form.

v3 uses a script to track how the user interacts with your site which includes a score in the submission. The add-on then uses that score to determine if the entry is marked as spam based on the threshold you configure in the add-on settings.

For Cloudflare you would add your URL, then select security level as the rule, then choose the I’m under attack mode.

Hi everyone, I need a solution which works!! I get a lot of spams. How to get it fixed?

Hi Alissa, as mentioned earlier, you could try the Gravity Forms Zero Spam plugin that GravityView (my company!) makes. It works great for most people.

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