Using forms offline but submit once online

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I have created a multipage form that our users will be hopefully using outdoors on an ipad.
The idea is that they would walk around to certain locations and fill in the appropriate information once their before moving to the next location.

Once they have completed the circuit and are back in the office the ipad would auto connect to our wifi and then they would proceed to the last page and submit the form.

The second last page basically asks them to wait till they are in the office to proceed to the submit page.

Is their any easy way to have the form cached in someway and available offline so they can proceed through the pages then click submit once the ipad is in the office and back online?

I have seen one of the replies from last year from a different user who mentioned this method, however this is extremely difficult to set up by a novice.

Are their any newer methods or ways i could achieve this using gravity forms?


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Interesting that gravity haven’t even bothered to reply to this. Gravity is an excellent form eco system but they are lagging behind in some areas. Namely, offline submission and conversational forms.
Also - wpforms has both of these features.
Gravity is at risk of losing market share if they don’t keep up with the competition.

Thanks for your feedback Adnaan. If you would like to add any feature suggestions for our product team, I recommend visiting our product roadmap and adding a note for them. Click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.

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HI Peter,

I think you could try this addon: Gravity Forms Offline Form Submission Premium Addon - Gravity Extra.

It does support what you need. Thanks.

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