Using File Upload field to populate a field in Keap

I am using a Gravity Form that is connected to Keap. I created a File Upload field in the form where a user can upload their photo. Once that’s done, the link to that file is put into a text field in the person’s Keap record. Here is where the problem comes in:

If the user updates any of their other info on the form but doesn’t re-upload a photo, the photo link disappears. I don’t want the user to have to upload a new photo every time they’d like to update their record.

I tried including a hidden text field that pulls in the field from Keap and using conditional logic to hide the Upload Photo field if there is data in the Keap text field, but that doesn’t work either. Because even though the File Upload field is hidden, if someone submits the form, it still records a blank for the file upload field and erases the text field in Keap.

Anyone know of any workarounds for this or a way I can get the link to the uploaded file to stay unless they upload a new photo?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Wendi. How did you integrate Keap with Gravity Forms? There may be a filter available to prevent overwriting values with empty fields. But it depends on how you integrated the form submission with Keap. Please let us know.

Hi Chris,

I’m using a WordPress plugin called Memberium, that marries the two together.


Hi Wendi. I am not familiar with the Memberium plugin. With our plugins, we sometimes have a filter like this to prevent overwriting values when the new submission is empty:

I recommend checking with Memberium support to see if they have a similar filter or way to prevent overwriting a value with a blank submission. I did not see it in their developer docs here.)

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