User Registration not updating records - Registration Feed enabled

I have a Gravity Form that has User Registration enabled and a feed set up but the User Records do not update when the form is submitted. If the form is opened the User fields entered from the Admin panel show up but form submissions do not update the user record.

I have tried switching to a basic theme and turning off all plugins but the form still does not save to the user data. It is a multisite but the GF plugins are installed and activated at the network level. Really need some help.

I’ve replied to your support ticket about this issue.

To trigger the processing of background tasks, such as queued feeds, the plugin uses the wp_remote_post function to send a request to your site’s Ajax endpoint (/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php).

The system report contained the following line:

Background tasks: No ✘ Response code: 401

Because the site requires basic authentication to access, that will block the Ajax request that processes queued feeds during submission.

See the following page of the documentation for a solution:

I also recommend implementing the same solution for the fallback cron job:

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