User Registration: Log Out Issue [RESOLVED]

I’ve added a User Registration Widget to my website so that users are able to login and edit their membership information with Gravity View. I am in the process of testing it.

Everything works great except that users can’t log out.

As I’m testing, I am making sure that I am logged out of my Wordpress acount and logged in as a registered user (subscriber role). The only way to log out has been to clear cache, cookies, and history.

I disabled a caching plug-in but that didn’t make any difference. Wondering if anyone has advice or has has this same issue.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @DebW, you may need to add a proper way for them to logout - what logout function is available to them at the moment?

Hello Phil:
Thanks for getting back to me.

  The logout function available to them at the moment is in the

Gravity Forms widget, screen shot below.


I’ve been testing this way.

  1. Logout of WP admin account
    2. Go to
    3. Login with test account un and pw as a Subscriber (not the same
    as my WP admin)
    4. That takes me to the correct page where I can edit member info
    5. I go back to
    to log out (When this is fully functional, the log out will be on
    other pages)
    6. Logout
    7. I receive message that I am currently logged in, even though
    I’m not. There is no way to log back in.

    I am using Windows 7 Chrome. I have also tested in Firefox and
    have same problem. I have been deleting my browsers cache,
    cookies, history, etc. as I’ve been testing.

Hmmm… have you checked for plugin conflict? Doing that is a bit of a pain as it involves disabling all plugins except those critical to the issue at hand, and then enabling them again one by one till you find the culprit - but it does find the culprit if there is one lurking!

Thanks, Phil. The logout works fine when I disabled the Breeze cache
plugin. I installed W3 Total Cache and the logout works fine.
Many thanks for getting back to me.

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Glad to hear you managed to sort it, Deb! Well done! :clap::grin: