User Registration Addon: Same E-Mail Adress for Multiple Users

Is it possible to register multiple users with the same email address using the User Registration Addon?

We have activated a plugin “Allow Multiple Accounts” which allows me to add users with the same email address from the backend, so on that end everything should be ok. But we need to be able to allow our users to do the same from the frontend when they register using a form.

Will this be possible?

You need to use two filters to bypass this WordPress limitation using the add-on.

The following filter gform_user_registration_check_email_pre_signup_activation - Gravity Forms to tell the User Registration to bypass that check during the signup process.

And the gform_user_registration_validation to tell the add-on to ignore the result passed from WordPress core validation to the User Registration add-on: gform_user_registration_validation - Gravity Forms Documentation

Don’t forget to update the value assigned to $form['id'] with your form id number, in the example it’s set to 1. You would need also to update the ‘This email address is already registered’ message to the translated error message that you’re getting for your site language.

PHP code usually goes in your theme functions.php file, please check the following link for more details and other options available to run custom code: Where Do I Put This Code? - Gravity Forms Documentation

Hey Samuel,

thanks for your reply! I’ll try it out - let’s see if it works. :slight_smile:

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