User Registration Add-On and Multi-Site [RESOLVED]

I have one website where we have activated mutli-site to keep management of subsites we have easy. However, we are using the GF User Registration add-on and accounts are not being created when our custom form is being used. We do not want a new site created every time a user registers, we simply want the user account to be created and it is not being created. Is there a hook or something that we can add to our child theme for the parent site to fix this issue?


Hi Davood. On the User Registration feed, there is a checkbox option that can be unchecked if you do not want a site created when the user is registered. It looks like this:

The option is shown and explained in this article:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

These are the only network options I am seeing when looking at the feed settings.

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Ah, I think I see where my confusion is… and the misunderstanding in my original post.
We do not want to create a new site every time someone signs up. We just want them to sign up for the site they are on. Our other sites are used for internal stuff and have no way to login when you visit them while logged out you get a page that says something like, “This site is used privately by [Company Name]”.

Is it possible to use gravity forms user registration for signups without having a new site created on each signup?

I made some progress early this morning.

Now new users are getting an email with a link that ends with

Then when they click the link they get this error:

An error occurred during the activation

Could not create user

When I check the error log I see this error:

[11-May-2022 06:46:09 UTC] WordPress database error Unknown column ‘spam’ in ‘where clause’ for query SELECT COUNT(ID) as c FROM wp_users WHERE spam = ‘0’ AND deleted = ‘0’ made by do_action_ref_array(‘update_network_counts’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, wp_update_network_counts, wp_update_network_user_counts

Please help!

@chrishajer Any ideas for me?

Hi Davood. There is normally no ‘spam’ column in the wp_users table. Do you have an add-on that is using that column?

@chrishajer I checked the database and there isn’t any spam column in that table.

@chrishajer This post in a forum thread says there is a spam column in the users table when using multisite… which i am.

I am still digging through forums and google to find a solution… I will add that the user permissions on the database user in the wp-config.php file include alter rights, since our signup form uses gravity forms I would appreciate any ideas you can provide for a way to get this resolved ASAP. Thank you in advance.

Turns out the problem was that the spam and delete columns were missing as two posters at the end of the thread said simply adding the columns resolved the issue for them.

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Thank you for the information and the update.