Use Field Value for calculation if a field in a second form [RESOLVED]


I can pass data using the URL from one form to another. I want to use that data to perform a calculation in another field of a second form. The data is in the URL - ?employees=5#gf_9 I need to use that number to perform a calculation in another field of that second form.


Hi Stan. What sort of limitation are you running into? What you need to do is possible. Let us know where you get stuck.

Hi Chris,

I need to use the data that is passed in the url in a calculation for another field.

I have the field I want the data set to dynamically populate and I am able to get the number. But I need to use that number for a calculation.

?employees=5 This is the data passed

The field in the form I am passing the data to has Enable Calculation checked and Allow Field to be populated dynamically checked with the parameter name. I need to enter a formula in the box that uses the number from the URL string for the calculation.

{?employees=thenumberfromthestring} * .05



I just figured it out. Create a Hidden Field. Store the data from the string in there. Use that field for the calculation to display the information.


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Sounds like the correct approach to me. Thank you for the update.