URL Parameter and Checkbox / Multiple Options


I am just wondering if what I want is possible and if so would someone be able to give me some ideas on how to achieve it.

Background to my problem - I would like to build a form that allows users to accept a quote online, however this quote is created in an offline CRM. I am able to extract the relevant quote information and will be able to pass this info via a URL. I can successfully transfer this info to a standard text field(s) on my form. There will be multiple lines for each quote

What I would like to do is have this info pass to a check box field as some of the info being displayed is optional so the end user needs to select what items they accept.

Is there a way of populating the label / value inputs of a check box field with data passed to the form via a URL?

Many Thanks

Hi Alan. Yes, you can dynamically pre-check multiple checkboxes by sending the values comma separated. Like this:


If you have a checkbox field with the dynamic population parameter name of availability and two of your values are ‘full-time’ and ‘part-time’ (the value needs to match exactly if you are using the option to show values, including cAsE) those two options will be pre-checked. Give it a try and let us know if you run into any issues. Thank you.

Thanks Chris, will give this a try.

One other thing - what is the correct syntax for the notification emails to include just the “checked” results from a checkbox field. When I use {all_fields} it shows correctly, however I don’t want all fields within my notifications and I cannot seem to get the selected checkbox data to show, complete with both label and value. Is there a way to do this? Thanks again

Hi Alan. There’s not a simple way to do that. I recommend opening a support ticket so we can go over the options. Thank you.


Ok, thanks Chris. I think I might have a workaround but with another slight issue! The form I am building is an online quote acceptance form, I have successfully passed data from my CRM to the form, presenting the user with dynamic options that they can either select or not. Once they have made their decision, their “accepted” price is calculated and they are then redirected to a confirmation form. It is on this second form that I have mapped some data using the easy passthrough perk, one of which is the selected items from my checkbox. This all works apart from the data passed from the checkboxes is displayed on one line, separated by commas - is there a way that each entry can be on a different line? Thanks again

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