Upload delete icons not showing. Version 2.5.15 [RESOLVED]

Any ideas on this one people.

Wordpress running twenty twenty in child theme. Very stock as it stands. I have tried disabling all the plugins one at a time none of them seem to affect it.

Does any one have any ideas? Failing that is there a way to replace the icons with text to say “DELETE” rather than an image?

Just to clarify from the image I am selecting the code via inspector to show the form item. It appears there isn’t actually one there.

Gravity Forms
Version 2.5.15
Upload folder xxxxxx
Upload folder permissions Writable
Output CSS Yes
Output HTML5 Yes
No-Conflict Mode Yes
Currency GBP
Background updates Yes

.dashicons-trash:before {content: 'Delete' !important;font-size:12px;color:black;}
.dashicons, .dashicons-before:before {width: 36px;}

Could you add a little more information please Derek.

Is this an addition / modification.


Removes the trash icon and replaces it with the word Delete.

Ah right ok. At the moment it looks a bit naff.


Any idea how I just get an icon cross? Like the old gravity one? For some reason this is not visible on mine.

.dashicons-trash:before {content: ‘:wastebasket:’ !important;font-size:16px;color:black;}

Best I could do.

I added two snippets for you. The second fixes the width.

You need to add both of them. If you want the word delete to look right.

Add !important to the end of width.


I added these to the child css and it remains the same. It could be an Eiffel tower penny drop this one as I haven’t got it yet.

Can you share a url?

That should be working. I checked in dev tools.

Not to worry its a dev site and I don’t really wish to share the url thanks. I will work it out.

Thanks again for the assistance. The trash can will do me for now.

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You’re welcome.