Updating Gravity Licence

Hi, looking for some advice please. When we updated our theme the web-designer installed the Elite Gravity version. The licence has since run out, but plug-in is still working. Wishing to renew, but only need Basic, as only ad-on is use is partial entries, which has no value to us. Spent hundreds of hours working on Gravity forms, using as home insurance quote forms. Just want to check by renewing on lesser form, but wipe out all the current forms?


All your forms and form data will be preserved – even when switching from an Elite to Basic license. The only changes are that:

  1. you will no longer have access to the add-ons (and add-on updates) available via Pro/Elite license levels,
  2. will no longer have support for use on a multisite instance, and
  3. will lose access to the priority support channel

Reference: How to Change the Gravity Forms License on a Site

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