Unable to use a PayPal Buy Now button

Hi. I am having an issue with setting up PayPal Standard. I’ve read the documentation on your website that gives instructions to install and configure this plugin. I’m not sure if I missed something, need to do anything else, or if there’s an issue with Gravity Forms, the PayPal plugin, or my website.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this but I’m pretty sure I used to be able to create a form with the PayPal add-on, and instead of using the Submit button, I was able to embed a PayPal Buy Now button using the a code they designed.

I cannot find any documentation that shows me how to do that. I’ve created a new form and I don’t see any options to change the behavior of the Submit button to take the buyer to PayPal. It just has the Submit button and it behaves the same way as any other form I’ve created. I’ve listed everything I have done according to your documentation. I created a test page with the form if you wish to view it. https://willkingphoto.com/_test-page-1/

Please let me know if I missed something or if you can provide a link to additional documentation that will enable me to embed a PayPal button instead of the Submit button. Thanks so much.

I have the Gravity Forms PayPal Standard Add-On plugin installed. I entered the correct URL for the IPN and confirmed that it’s enabled in my PayPal account. My site does have SSL with a https:// address.

I’ve created a form with the following fields:

  • · First & Last Name
  • · Email Address
  • · A few fields with dropdown choices (not related to the price)
  • · Product field with the price

I filled out all the feed settings including a unique name, my PayPal email address, set it to Production mode, set the Transaction Type to Products and Services, associated the Payment Amount field to my product field with the price, associated the First and Last Name and Email. I placed a check in the boxes for Do not prompt buyer to include a shipping address and Do not prompt buyer to include a note with payment.

The PayPal Buy Now button is not used with the Gravity Forms PayPal Standard add-on.

Ignoring that for now, I tested your form (there should be an entry from chris@rocketgenius.com - Chris Gravity Forms) and I was not redirected to PayPal.com. To redirect to PayPal.com when using the add-on, you need to have a properly configured PayPal Feed. Here are the instructions for setting that up:

Be sure that if you are using conditional logic on the feed that the condition matches, and that the form is properly totalling up to more that $0.00. Nothing will be sent to PayPal.com if the form total is less than $0.

If you have already done that and this is still not working for you, I recommend submitting a support request here so we can dig in:


Hi Chris. Thanks for your reply. I did setup a PayPal feed and mapped the appropriate fields. I have not set any Conditional Logic on the feed. Do I need to? I attached a screenshot.

As you stated, the form does not redirect visitors to PayPal. Do I need to somehow embed an alternative button that replaces the Submit button? How will a visitor know that they will be redirected to PayPal once they have completed the form and click on the Submit button? Normally once the Submit button is clicked, the visitor sees whatever is written in the default Confirmation. So, do I need to create a special type of Confirmation that redirects them to PayPal? Thanks in advance for the help.

Actually, it’s redirecting me to PayPal now. I can’t actually complete the process. It won’t let me login and pay because PayPal recognizes that I’m the seller, but I changed the amount to $1 and had a friend test it for me and it worked. I wonder why it didn’t work yesterday? Anyways, seems like its solved. Thanks again.

One more quick question. I still can’t get PayPal to redirect the buyer back to my site after paying. Is this an option that I can create?