TypeError thrown

Morning all.

Wondering if anyone can help with this one please? When I try and edit any of my forms I get this error message…

call_user_func_array(): Argument #1 ($callback) must be a valid callback, non-static method GFReadyClassesAddon::render_editor_js() cannot be called statically

I can work on my forms using any of the dropdown items from the settings menu - the edit option doesn’t work.


Try deactivating the third-party add-on that is including this class.

Thanks Richard. is there an easy way of working out which plug-ins include this class please? Not sure how I’d know this…

Best wishes

Based on the class name you’re looking for a third-party add-on that includes features related to the css ready classes or styling the forms.

Thanks Richard. I’ll have a look. That does narrow it down, but only by a bit. I’m using a theme with a built in editor, which may be the issue, or it could be a plug-in.

Best wishes


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