Trying to display provider entries on front end search via form


I am trying to set up a form, that on submit, pulls and shows a list of providers that the user has been matched with, so they the user can get in contact with them. Somethings along the line of “Find the Best Service Provider for You” and based on their answers provides a few options to the user.

I also plan to set up a form the providers can fill out to have their info added to this list. What is the best way to accomplish this using Gravity forms and or add-ons for gravity forms? Thank you!

Hi @user6060b1a81019e853,

That’s possible to set up using GravityView:

Once your View is connected to the Providers form, you can configure a Search Bar widget which allows you to add front end filters based on any fields of your Form.

As for Providers editing their own info, that’s also possible using and our Advanced Filtering Extension, included in the Core + Extensions or All Access licenses.

You can have administrators able to view and edit all entries, and then non-admins only able to view and edit entries they created.

Here are some articles documenting how that works:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.