Transition Between Webform Pages

Hi guys, I want to have multiple steps of the webform that lead from one to the other, name > address > email etc.

BUT I want to have a small transition animation/image in between each.

If you have a play with this webform you will see what I mean:

After the first couple of fields, theres almost a mini “confirmation page” that appears for a few seconds, before automatically moving to the next field…

How can I do this? Thanks

Have a look at this add-on from Gravity Wiz:

This looks like a great fit for Page Transitions. For the confirmation form, it looks like they are displaying a new form on that page.

What you could do is redirect from the form with the transitions to a new page that contains that new form. You can then use Easy Passthrough to pass values from the first form to the second form. The user can then double-check any of the values and make changes as needed.

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Scott, thanks for the reply.

In the example, it slides across to an image/text and holds that for a few seconds (maybe like 5 seconds) before automatically moving to the next question.

As far as I can see from the link, this app just slides/animates the trasition straight from one field to the next.

Is it possible to slide from a field to a “holding” images, for a select time, before progressing? Either in the same form, or redirecting to the next?

Do you have an example of this?

We don’t currently have support for displaying an image/text mid-transition. If you’re a Gravity Perks customer, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to pass it along as a feature request to our product manager.

I’m sure this is simply a matter of personal opinion, but when the form paused mid-transition I actually thought there was something wrong with the form. It confused me as a user and after a moment I tried clicking in the image thinking that it was supposed to be interactive. Not trying to talk you out of that interaction, but that was my experience.

I didn’t have that experience, but it would make for a good A/B test to find out!

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