Total field css [RESOLVED]

I’m using Gravity Forms with Stripe.

The total field is driving me crazy - the dollar amount is green. I really, really would like for it to be a different color. I’ve been through all sorts of css files and I did find it the GF css, but in files that say not to make changes there, as they will be overwritten with updates.

So where do I change the total field css from 060 to black?

Thank you!

Hi Melissa. Here is our CSS documentation for targeting the total price:

If you need assistance with that, please post the URL to the page on your site where we can see the form, so we can help you with the exact CSS required.

That did the trick. I did see that page before and wasn’t sure where to stick the code. I just figured out that I could do it from Wordpress/Appearance/Customize. Thank you!

Yep - that is a great place to put it :wink:

Glad you got that sorted out.