To get started, please configure your Stripe Settings [RESOLVED]

Using the Stripe add-on I have filled in all settings fields, so both Live and Test Publish and Secret Keys, and enabled Web hooks and added in the test and live sigining secret. All fields are filled.

Yet when I go to create a feed it says “To get started, please configure your Stripe Settings.”.

So I am unable to create a feed.

For info, I used the old API keys method, not the connect button, because Stripe does not present to me a full list of all my accounts I am a developer user on. So I cannot use connect method. Its not just this plugin, its WooCommerce too, so I guess its a Stripe issue. So I still cppy and paste API keys in using the old method.

Oh its working now. Here is what i have done as I still think its an issue with the plugin…

I copied and pasted the keys, but I notice for the Live Secret Key, there was no tick symbol like the others. So tried again, and still no tick.

There is a missing image icon that briefly appears, I assume its a processing icons. After that disapars no tick appears.

If I delete the last character (I assume any character) from the Live Secret Key, a cross apears. So I did an Undo to put ity back, then a tick DID appear.

I saved it then and it worked.

So maybe a copy and paste issue, your plugin does not recognise I copied it in? The other 3 copied and pasted in fine, and all showed ticks.

Anyway, working now!