Survey results tab not displayed in backend?

Hi All,

Any idea why the Survey result tab is not displayed on our prod website?
It’s correctly displayed on our test website.

Please find attached screenshot (french but showing the issue).

Thanks a lot for helping or at least, pointing out any way to fix…

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This tab not appears in our prod website.

Chances are that your user’s role does not have the capability to view the Results tab. Even the administrator role may not have the capability by default if you are using a role or capability management plugin (like Members or User Role Editor). Check the administrator role (or your user’s role) to be sure if has the gravityforms_survey_results capability.

Hi Chris,

Crazy that not every roles was ticked for admin account but you was right, works like a charm now.

Howerver, still an issue with connected views on our production website.

French screenshot but maybe it’s easy to figure out for you ?

As you can see below, we have not the connected views menu appearing but, the view is correctly created on each website.

Look like the « link » is not enabled between forms and views on our production website.

Production website :

Thanks a lot for your assistance,

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Hi Mike. For that more complex issue, I recommend opening a support ticket:

Thank you.