Suggest post's based on form input?

Hello there,

Is it possible to suggest blog posts based on a series of questions?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You can add multiple HTML fields that use conditional logic. Inside the html field you would add

<a href="">Check Out This Blog Post!</a>

Then when a user selects whichever option in the first field, you can then conditionally render the blog posts links.

  1. Add an html field.

  2. Add the html link like mentioned above.

  3. In the advanced tab of the html field, configure the logic. If first field is this option, show this html field.


Thank you.

What I am trying to accomplish is to retrieve my blog posts based on the user’s input.

For instance, if the user says they have a headache every morning, I want to pull from my archive all the blog posts related to headaches and offer them as read suggestions to my user.

So my desired form is a wizard that suggest reads. I want those suggestions to populate automatically.

Hi Rafael. Why use a Gravity Forms form? Can you use the built in search in WordPress to find and share the summaries or links to those posts? Maybe you need a little more robust search for WordPress, but it sound like you are trying to reinvent the WordPress wheel using a form?

Here is an example,

If my user is looking for hot soup rich on iron, I do not want to just pull all of my recipes related to soup or rich on iron. I want to ask a couple of questions to find the best match for you. So maybe you are vegetarian, but also do not like beans, I do not want to offer you recipes that contain either of them.

I know I can make a custom search with lots of filters, but my idea was to make something more intuitive, such a conditional logic form, on which the next question depends on the first answer. So,I am trying to know if Gravity could help me with its conditional logic to display posts that matches the selections of the form.


If you take my original suggestion you can simply duplicate the html link field. Your conditions would still be the same but instead of only showing one blog post, you can show as many as you think is relevant.

See code below:

<a href="">Check Out This Blog Post!</a>
<a href="">Check Out Another One!</a>
<a href="">And Another One!</a>
<a href="">Here's one more!</a>

Also, you might want to look at:

It’s a robust search engine. You can search and include or exclude all of your blog posts. It even works with Ajax, so the blog post can appear virtually instantly. It takes some configuring but it will get the job done.