Submit button missing from editor after upgrade to 2.6.1 [RESOLVED]

The recent update moved the submit button to the editor, but the submit button does not exist in the editor and in the form settings it says I have to go to the editor to edit the submit button.

Hi James, I have not heard of this issue before. We won’t be able to help resolve that issue in the community forums. I recommend opening a support ticket for that issue:

Just to close this out. I figured out the issue. Site I’m working on is using forms as a way to track clicks. It’s an empty form and just registers the users logged in info into the form. This worked fine with the old way of setting the submit button text. The solution was to put a hidden field and that allowed the submit to show up. The submit button does not show on editor till a field is added.

I’m glad you figured that out, James. Let us know if you need anything else.