Submit button label disappeared

I experienced this a few times it seems to be a bug.

Step to replicate.

  1. Select a form
  2. Go to settings and just hit save
  3. Go to edit, and you will see form submit button label is empty. Even though it has value in the General setup. If the form is saved, the label will be gone in the frontend.

Hi Kevin. The submit button and submit button label have been moved into the form editor and should not be in the Form Settings. What version of Gravity Forms are you using?

It might be better to open a support ticket and include your system report, so we can gather more details. Thank you.

I’m using latest gravityform 2.6.7 and I know submit button label has been moved to form. I’m just pointing out this bug in which it will remove the button label unexpectedly when you hit save in the Settings page.

I understand. I was not able to recreate the issue though. Can you please open a support ticket and include your system status report so we can investigate? Thank you.

Thank you.

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