Submit button disabled on click [RESOLVED]

Since the GF2.5 update, the forms on my website do not work anymore, although some DO work. The issue seems to be related to reCAPTCHA and ActiveCampaign, but even when I disable and remove those from my form, it still does not work.
The submit button gets disabled when you click on it and doesn’t give any required fields warnings.
Please help

UPDATE: I tried removing every field one-by-one and checking if the form would work. Still nothing…
UPDATE: Exporting the form as JSON, editing the title (for recognition) and then importing again, still doesn’t work.

After trying many things, I disabled everything in the site and reactivated every plugin one-by-one. Finally, finding the plugin that caused the problem: Gravity Forms Duplicate Prevention by Buckeye Interactive. It is an older plugin. But apparently it causes the form validation of Gravity Forms to break.

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