Submit a notification when user clicks the Next button on a multi page form

I have a multi page form. Depending on what the user has entered on the previous form page - when they click Next to go to the next page of the form - either a notification should be generated and they should be redirected to a new web page OR carry on filling in the new form page as per usual.
How can this be done!?

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You coooould write a big code… but have you tried just using a popup plugin which is called conditionally or maybe one with good documentation on their hooks? That way even if their setting page doesn’t do exactly what you want, you can then use a Javascript to get the values from the previous page, and if the values equal _______ then call this popup function.

HI Parkbum
Do you mean a popup plugin as in a modal window popup?

Not sure about what you mean with “model window popup” unless you mean using an alert(). There are just lots of ways to do this.

Some popup plugins have conditional options for popups to appear. If you find one that works well with your setup then Bob’s your uncle.

Otherwise you could setup a condition with a redirect of window.location.href = "". If you want you can put in a simple message before that redirect with alert('Insert Message about being redirected here').

If you want it a little fancy, you might write a code for it to make a Div Appear instead of the Alert. That is essentially what the pop-in plugin does, but with more steps, better customization, and slightly less CPU drag.

Hmmm. Interesting. Thanks.

Im trying to keep my code serverside (important that users cant see the ‘workings’).

Depending on the user’s input (yes or no to a question) I have it redirecting using php when the user clicks the Next button. This is working fine. I now need to trigger a notification to be sent. Can I create a new “Trigger from php” notification in GF and call that from my php?

I just thought: At the point I want the user to be emailed and redirected - their details wont be inserted into the database. Does this mean a GF notifictaion cant be used becuase theyre not in the db? :frowning:

Are you using the Partial Entry plugin?

However, it is a little harder to retrieve the data from partial entries.

Thanks (again!) Parkbum. That Partial Entry plugin could be very useful. Unfortunately I only have a Basic License.

However, I have got my php submitting the email at the right point. Im POSTING the variables that I need from the form. Am I able to use GF merge tags in my php, so I can populate the body of the email with all the data the user has entered on the form?

You shooould, using JavaScript… You’d have to make a function that when certain criteria are met it it fires and sends an email.'');