Stripe: VAT/tax on invoices for Subscriptions

Hi Everyone

Does anyone have experience charging AND showing VAT on their invoices, specifically for subscriptions?

In Denmark and most likely many other countries, it is a requirement by law to include VAT-amount on invoices.

Stripe has build-in functionality to handle VAT and other taxes. Unfortunately, Gravity Forms does NOT support the functionality (“default_tax_rates”)… Hence, Stripe’s solution is not a possibility…

VAT can be added using an extra field in the GF form, but that does NOT allow me to pass this info to “Stripe Billing”, which is the application that handles invoices… Thus, this solution seems to ONLY cover “Products and services”, NOT “Subscriptions”…

Another solution could be to set up a custom invoice through the Notification-functionality for every event of the type “Subscription payment added”. However, this solution doesn’t work as there’s is no functionality to setup a correct invoice-number (which is another requirement by law)…

Anyone else have experience with this?
Any suggested solutions would be highly appreciated!

Hi Mikkel, wondering if you found a solution for this, please?

I too am wanting to set the tax rate (GST) on GF Stripe payments. Trying to get the tax amount to show on the Stripe generated invoice. Thanks