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We are using the Stripe add-on to collect donations through Gravity Forms. We’ve been using this for a couple years now without issue. We recently updated our donations forms and created new webhooks and deleted the previous webhooks. We created them exactly how we did before, but for some reason now, the monthly donation option is prorating donations.

After reaching out to Stripe support, they did not help at a level that we can handle or understand. Providing a brief explanation and links to pages on disabling the prorations. But we can’t understand any of this. It’s all beyond any of our expertise.

STRIPE RESPONSE:-------------------
For context, prorating is controlled by the proration_behavior[0] parameter and defaults to create_prorations [1].

Jumping right in, you can disable prorations on a per-request basis by setting the proration_behavior parameter to none. There is no parameter that turns off all future prorations for a subscription. If you want to disable prorations indefinitely, you need to set proration_behavior to none for every request that generates prorations. Please use this link for reference [2].

Furthermore, if you are the one who managed the integration of your website, you can reference here for more information about proration [3], otherwise you may need the help of your developer to achieve this.

[1] Stripe API reference – Update a subscription – curl
[2] Prorations | Stripe Documentation

END OF STRIPE RESPONSE-------------------

Looking at all of this, it’s not a simple toggle or similar to turn off. We have no idea how to implement this. So we’re reaching out to the GF community today to try and gain some insight into this issue and how we can get this resolved quickly.

This is impacting our donors and business. We all really appreciate everyone and the GF community. TY!

Hi Rob. This is the first time I have heard of this. It’s possible something changed on the Stripe end that we need to account for. Please open a support ticket here so we can investigate. Thank you.

Hello Chris,

Thank you for your response. I just submitted a very detailed ticket. Looking forward to figuring this out!!

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