Stripe Checkout & Elements [RESOLVED]

I posted an inquiry via the support channel some time ago regarding credit card processing and a concern for PCI compliance and thought I’d drop it here for any community input and to check whether there might be any update on progress toward these features. Thanks!


Credit card field values are not included in the form submission as the add-on uses Stripe.js to tokenize the card and delete the values from the field before it is posted by the browser.


I was reading up a bit more on this and see that even use of Stripe.js could require heavier PCI compliance validation (see here) if it is not being used in conjunction with Elements to serve form inputs via an iframe. I expect this is because my server could still be running a script to sniff user’s keystrokes. Are there any plans to implement Checkout or Elements via hte Stripe add-on? This would be an excellent feature. Otherwise, I might unfortunately have to move away from Stripe integration for the sake of my client’s PCI compliance. Thanks for your consideration of this request.


Both elements and checkout are on the cards for the next major update to the add-on, we don’t currently have a release date planned.

The Stripe add-on support for Stripe Elements is being worked on daily. In fact I just saw this pull request:

This PR updates the Stripe Card field UI by adding an optional “Cardholder Name” input, its data will be passed to Stripe when enabled, but won’t be stored in the entry.

A new feed setting (Stripe Credit Card Field Settings) also added to allow billing address information can be passed to Stripe. When an address ZIP is mapped in the feed setting, the ZIP field in the Stripe Card Element will be hidden.

The Stripe add-on is currently at 2.5.4 and these changes (support for Stripe Elements) is slated for 2.6. While we don’t have a planned release date for that, it is in progress and getting closer every day.

Thank you!

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There it is! :rocket:

Very excited for this release. Thanks to all for effort put into it!


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