Stripe Checkout Add On - Problem on IOS - No redirect to checkout [RESOLVED]


I use the Stripe Add On for a gravity form. Everything works fine on Desktop, but on mobile, when i press the button “Pay” it shows something like me “You gonna be redirected to Stripe for the payment”, and the redirection never happen.

In Stripe i can see this information :
État de PaymentIntent :

UPDATE : i have the same problem on Safari 14.0.2

How can i fix this ?


Update : i found out that is a problem of JS :

Unsafe JavaScript attempt to initiate navigation for frame with URL ‘’ from frame with URL ‘’. The frame attempting navigation of the top-level window is cross-origin or untrusted and the user has never interacted with the frame.

Unhandled Promise Rejection: SecurityError: The operation is insecure.

The support reply to me.
the solution was to disable ajax on my gravity form.

And it worked !


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Thank you for the confirmation Joe.