Strip notifications from standard mail stuff

Hi, in notifications the content is wrapped in page html code like set below.
I want to send these notifications to users yust with the plane content. The mail plugin I use does the rest and setting all stuff to make the mail resposive etc. (I use Mailster):
So instead of: (sorry cannot add < head > without spaces)
<html> < head > < title >Isolatie rendement - Papagreen< /title > < /head > < body > < content thats in the notification > < /body > < /html >

I want to send it like:
<content thats in the notification>

Any one has experience with this? Any feature I overlooked? ( I did played with the option to set on/of ‘auto formatting’ without luck

Hi Keesjan. Have you already tried switching the notification format to plain text, using the gform_notification filter?

Thanks Chris, but then it will also delete h2 or image links?

I’m not sure Keesjan, without seeing the notification. I recommend trying it to see what happens.

If that will not work for you, you may have to filter the whole notification content to remove the HTML you do not want to see in there.