Plain text email notifications [RESOLVED]


I am new to Gravity Forms and noticed when I generate an email it sends it as a formatted email. I need the emails to generate as plain text, as specific users require this. I have used another form previously that had a toggle to switch this over but I cannot seem to find any options in Gravity Forms. I am not coder as such so was just wondering how I go about it? A step-by-step guide would be appreciated, thanks in advance


There is no toggle, but you can use a small bit of code to accomplish that:

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I appreciate that it may sound like quite a basic question, but are you able to outline exactly where I insert this code etc and the steps to do so thanks.

The code should be added in your theme functions.php file. In the code, you will need to change the name of the notification to your own notification, because the code only runs for the notification for the notification with the exact name you specify.

If you need assistance with that, you can find some help for hire here:

Hi Chris,

Thanks I have installed the plugin “my custom functions” to insert the php code as I am using a child theme and not sure exactly where to locate that file. You mentioned the name needs changing, is this the name that I give the notification under the form settings like the screenshot attached?


If yes are you able to show me where it is inserted in the code snippet? Perhaps you could send me the code with name inserted or highlighted where it needs to be inserted.

Many thanks


In the example code, the name of the notification is “Text Notification”. Change that to “Admin Notification” to match the name in your screenshot.

You can add the either the child them functions.php, OR, in the “my custom functions” plugin you installed.

Hi Chris,

I got it working, thank you for your help.



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