Storing of Gravity Form Entries in Database [RESOLVED]

Hi! Does anyone know where Gravity Forms stores all the entries in the PHP MyAdmin (MySQL) database?

It’s stored in different tables.

There’s the {prefix}_gf_entry table with the basic-info per entry (which sets the entry ID). Then there’s the {prefix}_gf_entry_meta where the meta-information for all entries is stored (each field of an entry has its own row).

And then there’s the {prefix}_gf_entry_notes table which stores the notes for entries :slight_smile:

If you need to get at the entries for some custom code, it does not matter much what the tables are. Just use our API functions:

Thanks! It is what i was looking for. With database and php is much easier to control everything sitewide, also with Gravity forms. Really appreciated your reply

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