Gf_entry - database

Does anyone know in which database column the information of the saved forms is stored?
gf_entry does not contain all the information, only a part of the information

The actual values from the submission and meta saved by add-ons is stored in the gf_entry_meta table. More details about the database schema can be found on the following page of the documentation:

Greetings, not all user information is in gf_entry_meta.
I have a phone number in the general form. Address. Text and…
But I can’t find anywhere in the database where it is stored.

All the data submitted in the form gets stored in the gf_entry_meta table. If you collect it in the form, it will be in that table in the database unless you have custom code or another add-on preventing that.

If you view the entry in your dashboard and the phone number shows up in the entry, it’s being pulled from the database.

If you use something like phpMyAdmin, you can search the database for a unique string from one of your entries to find what table it is stored in. Please let us know what you find. Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your answer, but in gf_entry_meta, all my data is not saved.

Hello Saeed. I recommend opening a support ticket in that case so that we can investigate. Thank you.

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