Square set up - Total goes to zero after entering name etc

Sorry, newbie Gravity here. Set up form, installed Square add on, set up form fields, all required. Once you start entering the info, or automatically after autofilling info, the Are You a member field (which forces conditional logic to get the price/product and thus total) disappears. So I tried doing that first to get a total and then went back to enter the name, info etc and notice that the total then goes to zero. Here is the form. HELP Monthly Lunch Reservation - Houston Hispanic Architects & Engineers

Hi Kristen. I recommend opening a support ticket and including a form export (instructions) and your system status report (instructions) here:


Thank you.

Oh, okay, wasn’t sure if there was an easy fix, especially since I was new. I will do that.

It sounds like the form is set up incorrectly, but we’ll need to see the form to determine. If you include the form export, we can take a look. It’s harder to share the forms here. Thank you.

I’ll do that right now and thank you for the links!

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