$source property to use with Klaviyo email software

Hi there,

I’m looking to see if there is an equivalent in gravity forms to the $source property found in Klaviyo’s form builder.

We use Klaviyo for our newsletter and email campaigns, but still use Gravity Forms on our website to collect sign ups.

For each form Klaviyo assigns a $source property to a contact, this is then used to throw them into a specific campaign. However, if that contact signs up to a 2nd form on our site (linked to a 2nd campaign) before the 1st campaign is over, this $source property is replaced and they will stop receiving emails from the 1st campaign (even if they haven’t finished it yet) and start the 2nd campaign.

I need both campaigns to run alongside each other and not be stopped if a second form is filled out.

Klaviyo has said you can do this when using their own sign up forms with a separate $source1 property on the form, but they don’t know if this is possible within Gravity Forms.

Here is my original ticket with them, which may help explain the issue: When using $source property what happens if someone fills out another form before the flow is finished? | Community

Wondering if anyone knows of any way to do this? I would like to continue to use Gravity Forms, but if it’s not possible I may have to switch to Klaviyo’s own form builder instead.

Any help is much appreciated,

Maddie, that $source property seems to be a value that you need to pass to Klaviyo along with the field values of your form submission.

Gravity Forms doesn’t has any built-in integration for Klaviyo, do you have any third-party add-on to run this integration? If so, I would recommend to reach the developer for advice.

Otherwise I would recommend you to post a request in the Job Board category, to hire someone able to create an integration add-on for Klaviyo.

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