Some javascript functionality doesn't work when AJAX is enabled on multi-step form

I have a multi-step form that uses some javascript functionality.
When AJAX is enabled on that form some of that jQuery or javascript functionality stops working.
I am also getting no console.errors so I am not sure what’s happening.

Issue 1
For example on lines 92 and 175 of this gist

The .html() function does not work when I try to add custom html to an html field only when AJAX is enabled.

Issue 2
This also happens in a separate file. The event listeners that are added to an element don’t fire only when AJAX is enabled on that form.

Can someone provide some insights as to why that might be and what I should look for.

You’ll need to run your code via the gform_post_render hook:

Thank you.
I’ll take a look into this.

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