On Page in Ajax Form Load External and Local Script [RESOLVED]

I am a developer with a multipage Ajax form and on page 3 is an address field to which I am unable to attach code to do a Google Maps API autcomplete when the user enters a street address.

The code works GREAT if I put the address field on Gravity Form page 1, but when I move the field to page 3 it doesn’t work. If I turn AJAX off it does work on page 3, but I need to keep Ajax on. I’ve spent days trying various ways to fix this.

Is there some special Gravity Form PHP hook etc. I can use in Functions.php that would load the scripts once Ajax form page 3 is displayed? I need to load my own local script PLUS I have to load an external script from https://maps.googleapis.com

I’ve also tried using the Gravity Forms Custom Javascript Plugin from Gravity Wiz but even that doesn’t work.

How about gform_page_loaded: