Each Step in Multi Step Considers A Form Submit in Google Analytics

Can someone have an Idea why each Step in MULTI STEP FORM in Gravity Form considers a Form Submit in Google Analytics

We don’t want to make each step considers a Form Submit Unless the user reaches the final Step and click the submit button

Are you using the official GF Google Analytics add-on? I would think this would be accounted for there. If not, does enabling AJAX for the form help? With AJAX enabled, the page is not reloaded which may be what is causing all those extra “Form Submit” events.

Edit: Oh, one other thing. If enabling AJAX doesn’t solve the problem, our Page Transition perk’s “Soft Validation” feature might do the trick since the form is only ever submitted once at the end. The only potential hiccup there is that it will reload the form if there is a server side validation error.

Hi David,

Thank you for your response to my thread. We are not using Google Analytics Ad Ons for tracking; we are using Google Tag Manager. Yes, the “AJAX” option is enabled. We want to ensure that the form doesn’t reload when the user interacts with it and moves to the next step.

I suspect that every button has a jQuery trigger for “form submit,” causing every user to convert it as a form submit when they hit the submit button. I tried to manipulate the submit and remove the jQuery, but my problem is not progressing to the next step.

It sounds like Page Transitions might be viable solution for you here, Jeffrey. With Soft Validation enabled, the form is not actually submitted until the very end. The only gotcha will be if there is an actual validation issue that is not support by Soft Validation, the form will need to be submitted again.

Thanks David, I think you answered my questions Thanks much